/  Aditi Sinha

Aditi Sinha

A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Adithi Sinha currently works as a leadership trainer for Teach For America – DFW in Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness. She began her career teaching 9th-grade biology as a bilingual teacher in Spanish. “There are lots of brilliant biologists and really just scientists who are people of color. I was able to introduce my students to a new world of science. Representation is important because it shows my students that they belong in this field and any field.” After a brief stay in India as the Program Manager with Teach For India, Sinha returned to the states to call Dallas home. She continues to work towards social justice and inclusion through education with Border Crossers. “I’ve always been deeply aware that living in America is a huge privilege,” Sinha said. “It blows my mind that others may not have the opportunity to live like we do. I have to do something about it!” Follow Sinha on Twitter as she confronts justice in education @MariposaIndiana