Millennial Men Monday Maurice Savage Jr.

What inspires you?
Seeing people overcoming everyday challenges while maintaining their happiness.
Social Media Handles: Instagram – @mauricesavagejr @togetherwegoodYour favorite song currently and the artist:
Sorry, I have two. Best Part by H.E.R., Daniel Cesar and Prime Time by KB featuring Ty Brasel.

Currently reading:

(Un)Qualified by Steven Furtick
Favorite food spot in your city:
Besides my Mama’s kitchen, Ching’s Hot Wings.
Sweet Tea or Lemonade (it’s a Southern thing):
You can never go wrong when you mix them together.
Describe yourself in one word:
If you attended University/College, where did you graduate:
I attended Houston Community College and Central Christian College of the Bible.
Favorite place to visit/vacation:
My favorite place to visit is Texas because of my nieces and nephews. The Bahamas was a fun and exciting place to vacation.
“…we are in fact a very intelligent, creative and world-changing generation. To know I am a part of that gives me joy.
Background information.
Where are you from?
Memphis, TN
What do you do? How did this “role” come about? How and why are you best known by others?
I am writer and inspirator or who initially began writing poetry out of frustration and over the years my vision expanded into writing screenplays.
Did you attend college and/or have formal training in your respective field or industry?If so, please elaborate on the year you graduated and from what institution.
I did attend college and played basketball at Central Christian College. However, I became sick and had to leave and then decided after I recovered I did not want to continue college. I have not had the opportunity to be involved in any formal training but I do look forward to doing it because you can never stop learning about your craft.
What factors of your upbringing influenced your career goals?
I honestly did not know I had the gift to write until I became an adult. One thing I never allow anyone to do is to kill my imagination. Once you allow someone or society to kill your imagination as a creator, there goes your creativity.
How long have you been in this career? What did you do previously?
I have been a writer for 5 years and before that, I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.
What long-term goals do you have? What steps are you currently taking in this direction?
As a writer, my long-term career goals are to continue to write, produce, and direct my own content as well as make classic content for my generation. I am now in the process of starting my own series of content entitled “Together We Good.” I am also pitching movie scripts I have written and co-written. My personal goals are to be a great husband and father (one day). My steps toward this are building an even closer relationship with Jesus, paying off my debts and building my credit score.
Tell us about your social media presence. Do you use it in your line of work? Why or why not, is it important in your day-to-day responsibilities, platform or career?
Absolutely! This is the way I can share my own content to reach people I never thought I could.
Which public figures, role models and or historical figure shaped your goals as a child and in adulthood? Any that embodies your personal values?