Summer Millennials to Watch 2k18 Series, Brandon Miller

Meet Brandon Miller

Photography: Tony Franklin

Brandon Miller, IT Consultant and Serial Side Hustler

Brandon Miller is an IT Implementations Consultant and Workplace Diversity Leader in his nine to five; working to implement leading-edge technologies for life science and consumer products companies while working to promote and cultivate equitable and inclusive initiatives and corporate culture. From five to nine, Brandon is a ‘serial side-hustler,’ change-agent, author, brand coach, and fitness enthusiast.

Brandon co-founded two nonprofits, The Black Burdell, Inc. – an organization focused on promoting, supporting, and cultivating young, black entrepreneurs, and the Too Fly Foundation – an organization that throws ‘CreativelyLIT’ fundraisers nationwide to fund passports and travel grants for students. Brandon also founded, The Be Great Brand a creative branding firm that focuses on brand-building and inspiring greatness among the millennial generation. Brandon has authored The Brand.U Branding workbook, The Guide 2 Great annual accountability workbook, and The Intersection: Shifting Into Greatness books.

Brandon is also a fitness and travel enthusiast and Chipotle connoisseur.

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How did you get started in this industry? What was the inspiration behind pursuing your passion?

I got into the branding space in college at The Georgia Institute of Technology. I was studying biomedical engineering (so not related to branding at all), but I decided to teach myself photoshop because my fraternity needed better event flyers and didn’t want to pay to get them made. Learning photoshop turned into a business, which turned into an appreciation for branding in a holistic sense, which got me to where I am now.

From a philanthropy and nonprofit perspective, I grew up doing community service with my family so the importance and passion to give to others was always instilled in me. It was once I developed a passion for entrepreneurship and travel, as well as surrounding myself with like minded individuals, that the two nonprofits I co-founded were born.

Please share your long-term goals?

For the Too Fly Foundation we would love to get to a place where we can host and sponsors travel abroad trips for students in underserved communities as well as work in a greater capacity to provide programing to inspire and educate students on travel abroad opportunities.

For The Black Burdell, our main goal is to build a network of current and aspiring entrepreneurs that can cross-pollinate each others’ businesses to support business development, promote growth and exposure, and cultivate community.

For the Be Great Brand, it’s pretty simple – to curate creative programing, products, and events that will help to build brands and inspire greatness; overall the brand is about motivating people to take onus in their happiness and their passions. I’d love to get to the point where the brand is more of an agency that helps connect and inspire others.

What does it mean to you to be a millennial in this generation? 

To me, being a millennial is all about being relentless in pursuing your passion. Many label millennials as selfish or entitled, but I look at it as – we know what we want, want makes us happy, and what keeps us engaged and we are adamant about doing what we need to do to help us progress in that direction. With a generational entrepreneur spirit and social consciousness, I see millennials in constant pursuit of ownership and making positive progress.


What is on your plans for Summer 2018?

This summer I’ll be launching a book I co-authored with Simone Danielle, titled “The Intersection: Shifting Into Greatness” the book interviews over 30 minority millennial entrepreneurs, creatives, and change agents on how they embrace their greatness and shifted their mindset to live according to their own rules. The book and accompanying journal is full of articles, affirmations, activities, and content to help individuals meet ‘at the intersection.’


My nonprofit, the Too Fly Foundation, will be hosting CreativelyLIT fundraisers this summer in New York, Chicago, and Austin to creatively raise funds for passports and travel grants for students. Be Great Gear has collaborated with numerous black-owned brands to launch a “Great Sense of Style” campaign this June, highlighting mens’ influencers and brands and what makes them unique, stylish, and quality.Lastly, I’m planning to find some time to travel and hang out with family and friends.

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