Summer Millennials to Watch 2k18 Series, Andrea Nicole Thomas

Meet Andrea Nicole

Photography: Tony Franklin

Andrea Nicole, Lifestyle Blogger, IG @dreanicole93

I have a passion for people by loving them into freedom and inviting them to break the chains of their past or present. By walking in truth and using the power of their voice, I know that it will allow them to thrive in the lane they were created to run in. I am an Austin, Texas native, living in the always thriving city of Dallas, Texas. I graduated from The University of North Texas, majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing and Business to Business Professional Sales. Through a series of challenging events, I found myself continuing to run into the same metaphorical wall. As a voiceless girl who always felt insecure, I struggled with how I could live a life of purpose. Although I switched friends, moved cities, and “started over”, my internal disposition never really changed. It was when I realized the power of “my” narrative, and my voice that I was able to grasp an understanding and a revived sense of freedom. With my new found freedom I have discovered that I love a great cold brew, letting the sun go down on a good book, photography and rainy days. Engaging in these activities causes me to be still, think and practice self-care.

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How did you get started in this industry? What was the inspiration behind pursuing your passion?
I started in college with a very basic blog site. lol! I had no direction or vision and I would write everything under the sun. As I was about to graduate high school, I remember a specific conversation with my older brother where he posed the question “What do you want to do in life?” and without hesitation, I said, “I want to speak, write and empower others.” I had no idea how this would play itself out the way it currently has.




Please share your long-term goals?
Ultimately, I would love to own my own business with my husband incorporating speaking engagements, writing workshops and hosting meetups to empower others through their narratives. I want to host a global conferences around the world where there will be breakout sessions and merchandise tables promoting my future books. During this time, I want to get certified as a life coach not only to create multiple streams of income, but to also have the credentials to make me reputable. A pillar of mine is to be gracious in giving of all things including my finances. Creating educational and personal scholarships will allow me to sow into the next generation of our future leaders.

What does it mean to you to be a millennial in this generation? 

Millennial means, we pave our own way and we do not let roadblocks get in our way of accomplishing our goals. I know plenty of people who are paving the way for the next generation using their innate gifts and talents. We [millennials] have seen strides being made when we use our talents not just for ourselves. We have adopted strategies of the past but have learned we are stronger when we collaborate together. There are a plethora of movements happening and new jobs being created, that gives us the ability to make complex ideas into simple realities. I believe this has been the effect of paving our own way while locking arms and relying on our networks. We aren’t the picture of America everyone thought we would be in the 90’s. We are vocal, we are united, and we are thriving together.

What is on your plans for Summer 2018?
I have so much planned for summer 2018. I will be launching Thrift Connection, a thrift store meet up designed to connect women around clothing and body image. I will also be recommencing Lunch Time Lessons with Drea Nicole; it is a 10 minute or less Instalive series where I discuss leadership topics, faith, health and fitness, blogging and much more. I will be incorporating lessons learned through my personal journey on planning my wedding while being a young black millennial. My time will also be used to hone in on my photography skills which I plan to flourish, grow and learn as much as I can. This will allow me to work toward my long-term goal of owning my own business and being my own girl boss!

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