Summer Millennials to Watch 2k18 Series, Jaren Collins

Meet Jaren Collins

Jaren Collins, Photographer & Entrepreneur, IG @jcicreatives Photography: Tony Franklin


Tell us about yourself:

I am the owner of JCi Creatives, a creative services firm that focuses on content creation and specializes in photography, video production, and graphic design. I love purpose. It is my purpose in life to aid others in telling their story to live in their purpose.

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The official online presence is JCi Creatives across all social media platforms.

How did you get started in community organizing? What was the inspiration behind pursuing your work in community activism and organizing?

In 2008, I was a graphic design intern for a publishing company in Oklahoma City. Now, this may have proven a bit strange, as I was an engineering major at the time. But I needed the work, the design department was willing to teach design, and engineering companies weren’t hiring at the time. Time went on, and I began designing graphics and websites for this black-owned publishing company, but I was struggling with finding quality images of black people. Google images were not giving me what I needed, so I decided to try something new: Photography. I took the money I was making from my internship and bought my first camera. And since that day, April 15, 2009, I haven’t put it down.

Please share your long-term goals?

Our current goals with JCi are rooted in expansion. We have been fortunate to experience many successes in the past 2 years, such as working with large brands and launching the JCi Creatives app. We would like to continue this success and grow into a full-service creative agency. It is our goal to maintain large client activations from start to finish.


What does it mean to you to be a millennial in this generation? 

Being a millennial is powerful. America is changing, and the millennial is at the focal point of that change. We were born into a space between tragedy and triumph, and we are being forced to choose. Do we stay with the ideals of the past? The mentality of our mothers and fathers? Grandparents? Or do we blaze a new trail for a change? For freedom? To be a millennial is to court the destiny of our nation. We have to take responsibility for the America of now and make a conscious effort to press for the positive progress for tomorrow.

What events/recommendations do you have for Millennials to live their best life this summer here in Dallas?

This summer – don’t hold back. You’ve been putting off dreams and aspirations. You’ve been waiting – toiling over plans and ideas. Do it. Do it now. Today. Don’t wait and don’t hold back. Then, watch it manifest into something beautiful.

Jaren Collins Photography: Tony Franklin








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