Summer Millennials to Watch 2k18 Series, Maria Yolisma Garcia

Meet Maria Yolisma Garcia

I am a first generation Texan and lettering enthusiast. I have a strong passion for fighting for just policy that represents all of our community and creating the next generation of leaders. I am quick to pull a joke even in a committee hearing because in this fight we could all take some time to laugh.

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How did you get started in community organizing? What was the inspiration behind pursuing your work in community activism and organizing?
My own personal experiences shaped me to become a fierce fighter for my community. I grew up having to translate for my parents and even some folks around me. English was a survival mechanism I had to pick it up very quickly and it always angered me that many institutions would take this language barrier to silence and take advantage of our community. It has since been the reason why I do this work, I see my parents in many of these folks and a little bit of myself.
Please share your long-term goals?
Our long-term goals are to be able to create the next generation of leaders and maximize our efforts locally. We want to create campaigns that will ring from here to the state and hopefully the federal level.

What does it mean to you to be a millennial in this generation? 
Personally, it means that we have many more resources that our ancestors did and it’s up to us to utilize them well and show others along the way how to maneuver these social spaces. Our timelines have slowly shifted from personal life to political observations and discussions of which we fail to do so face to face anymore. We need to be more globally conscious and understand that what we share has an impact and understand those who come to us seeking answers.

What events/recommendations do you have for Millennials to live their best life this summer here in Dallas?
I think the best way to live your best life in Dallas is by supporting local talent! Go to their shows, pay that cover fee and follow them on social media. That is how you get to the real culture of the city, the pretentious bar can only do so much but when you tap into all of our local art scenes you won’t want to go back to Uptown.

Maria Garcia, Community Activist, IG/Twitter @mariayolis

What are your plans for Summer 2018?
Wanting to host a charity concert event to raise bond money for folks who get detained by CBP or ICE officials. Too often we have parents, children and peers get detained for minor arrests that often lead to deportation proceedings. Now more than ever we need to find funds for everyone as deportations rise and the administration gets stricter on immigration laws.

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