Summer Millennials to Watch 2k18 Series, Will Baggett

Meet Will Baggett

Will Baggett, Leadership Consultant, IG & Twitter: @W_Baggs Photography: Tony Franklin

My name is Will Baggett, and I hail from Grenada, Mississippi. I attended the University of Mississippi for undergraduate studies and later attended Baylor University where I earned a master’s degree in Sports Management. Throughout my academic career, I doubled as a Division I athletic performance coach and helped multiple players/teams earn various awards and championships. Currently, I work full-time for the College Football Playoff where I help plan and organize the annual national championship game in Division I college football. I am the author of the bestselling book “The Blueprint for a Successful Career”, and co-host of the Millennial Leadership Podcast. In 2017, I founded the Executive Image (EI)–the industry leader in professional presence training and development. The EI workshop employs interactive exercises to instruct young professionals in areas pertinent to personal branding, online etiquette, the art of speaking without speaking, as well as emotional intelligence cognition. Prior to becoming a nationally recognized speaker and leadership consultant, I was a part-time actor in Atlanta, Georgia. I am an active member of Dallas Fort Worth Urban League Young Professionals and serve on the host team at Shoreline City Church. I enjoy reading, staying active/being outdoors, volunteering with inner city youth, and supporting the performing arts.

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How did you get started in this industry? What was the inspiration behind pursuing your passion?
When I was a junior in high school, I had an English teacher who noticed I had a penchant for literature, writing, and the performing arts. I grew up in an environment where these sort of ambitions were not cultivated, nurtured or embraced by many people that looked like me. Nevertheless, she was intentional about giving me the confidence to pursue my natural talents well beyond my high school career. Upon graduating from Baylor with my master’s degree, I reflected on the remarkable mentorship I had benefited from and sought to create a platform to assist other young professionals who may not have had the same fortune. I realized that if I had made one wrong/other decision, my life would have been completely different. It was then that I realized it was incumbent of me to reach back and pull not one person, but as many people up as I could. As I reminisced about my first love of writing and considered my newfound passion, my high school teacher’s words of encouragement began to permeate my psyche. With her vote of confidence and blessing, I set out to write a book about professional development while staying true to my unique writing style. I started and kept at it for a few months, but got discouraged and ended up tabling the project altogether. In mid-December 2014, my teacher (Mrs. Leverette) passed away. Her passing ultimately led me to finish the book and dedicate it to her memory. She told me my gift would make room for me, and it certainly has. Since its publication, the book has received unanimous five-star reviews and later translated into speaking opportunities. The rest is history…

Please share your long-term goals?
My long-term goal is to build a multi-faceted professional development service that provides hands-on training and later expand to virtual instruction.

What does it mean to you to be a millennial in this generation? 

It means that I have a responsibility to serve a cause greater than myself. In today’s landscape, the term “millennial” has evolved to reflect more of a behavior as opposed to an age range. With that in mind, and considering the resources we have at our disposal, it is incumbent on us to take ownership of the connotation of the term “millennial” and what emotions it evokes. The scene of today’s America will be what you make of it. As Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Thus, we have the power and responsibility to set the scene for the acts we want to carry out and where the light shines.

What events/recommendations do you have for Millennials to live their best life this summer here in Dallas?
Dallas Black Canvas, FC Dallas games, Rangers games, a visit to White Rock Lake, or Volunteer

What is on your plans for Summer 2018?
Working out, reading, traveling, attending plays, starting a new project/business, presenting at various colleges/conferences.

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